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Vacuum DepositionVacuum Deposition

Expand display Vacuum Deposition film for Capacitors

This is a Vacuum Deposition film for Capacitors in which aluminum, zinc, or zinc alloys are deposited on PET, OPP, and PPS.

We are capable of providing a wide variety of pattern Vacuum Depositions to meet our customers' requests.

Expand display Vacuum Deposition film for magnetic wave shields

The rapid growth of the information society and the concomitant spread of computers, cellular telephones, wireless LANs, and audio and visual devices mean that large quantities of information are transmitted at high speeds and densities. This has generated concerns of a possible impact of electromagnetic waves on human bodies and electronic equipment.

Using electromagnetic wave shield film minimizes any harm these waves can have on bodies and equipment. The Vacuum Deposition technology we have developed over many years enables us to offer film suited to electromagnetic wave shield material. Our thick Vacuum Deposition technology helps us meet the needs for high quality and low prices, even for thick film areas such as plating and metal foil.

Expand display Vacuum Deposition film for printed boards

We use the Vacuum Deposition technology developed over many years to sell the KP Seduce, two-layer CCL for printed board materials.

This material has many advantages: it is a good environment for chromeless applications, it is excellent for etching, it has improved adhesion, and it allows fine patterns.

Expand display Vacuum Deposition film for ultra-thin foil transfer

Our Vacuum Deposition film for ultra-thin foil transfer enables the formation of metal foil — even on ultra-thin areas of 0.5 to 3 microns, which had been considered impossible with conventional metal foil.

We have a metal Vacuum Deposition process for the film used for vibration plates in cellular telephone microphones (ECM).

We can handle everything from ultra-thin film of 1.2µ for PET, PPS, PI, and PEI to metallic nickel and titanium with high boiling points, even for metallic Vacuum Deposition.

Expand display Vacuum Deposition film for electric cables

This is used as shield material for ultra-narrow coaxial cables.
It is a standard base film for PET from 4.0 to 6.0 microns, for a copper Vacuum Deposition film thickness of 0.1 to 1.0 microns, and with product coils up to 15,000 m in length.

We are also capable of making special products. We can handle PET as thin as 2 microns, and copper film as thick as 0.2 microns.

This is developed for decorative uses with a Vacuum Deposition process that controls the permeability of nickel, aluminum, and indium on highly transparent PET. The decorative uses include the liquid crystal bezel surfaces on cellular telephones and other devices.