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Toray KP Films Inc.
Naoki Takashima, President and Representative Director
Date established
October 8, 1959
Place of business
Headquarters and plant
510 Furuouchi, Noguchi-cho, Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture,
Telephone: 079-422-0151
Fax: 079-423-0953
413 million yen
List of stockholders
Toray Industries, Inc.
Number of employees
Number of people
Average age
October 1959
Established with a capitalization of five million yen as the processing plant for Krehalon film (vinylidene chloride film), Kureha’s food product packaging material.
Acquired the land for the plant in Furuouchi, Noguchi-cho, Kakogawa
April 1960
Processing of Krehalon film began
April 1961
Designated by the city of Kakogawa as the first plant subject to measures for promoting relocation
May 1962
Plant No. 2 was built
September 1964
Plant No. 3 was built
Capitalization increased to 20 million yen
February 1965
Processing of polyester film began
March 1966
Processing of polypropylene film began
September 1971
Production of Bright Cure, a preservative and coloring agent for ham, began
January 1977
Plant No. 4 was built
March 1978
Plant No. 5 was built
Capitalization increased to 50 million yen
A vacuum deposition machine (No. 1) was installed Production of aluminum vacuum deposition film for Capacitors began
August 1979
A vacuum deposition machine (No. 2) was installed
October 1982
Warehouse No. 6 was built
October 1983
A testing coater was installed
March 1985
A vacuum deposition machine (No. 3) was installed
September 1986
A new office was built
Capitalization increased to 95 million yen
November 1989
A vacuum deposition machine (No. 4) was installed
November 1991
A vacuum deposition machine (No. 5) was installed
Production of zinc and aluminum-zinc alloy vacuum deposition film for capacitors began
July 1994
Acquired ISO 9001 certification (JQA-0559) for the following products: vacuum deposition products, slit processed products
November 1996
A vacuum deposition machine (new No. 2) was installed
November 2002
A vacuum deposition machine (No. 7) was installed
July 2004
Acquired ISO 14001 certification (JQA-EM4120)
Range of registered activity: The design, development, and manufacture of plastic film vacuum deposition products, slitted products, and coated products
December 2007
Installed a wave-cut high-speed slitter for Capacitors
April 2008
Installed a vacuum deposition machine.
June 2008
Installed a large-scale slitter.
October 2008
Increased capitalization to 412.7 million yen.
October 2009
Changed company name to Toray KP Films Co., Ltd.
December 2009
Installed a large-scale vacuum deposition machine.
October 2021
Acquired IATF16949 certification (JQA-AU0423)
Range of registered activity: Design and manufacture of vapor-deposited products of plastic films for capacitors


July 1994: Certification acquired
July 2002: Renewed with 2000 version
August 2010: Renewed with 2008 version
June 2018: Renewed with 2015 version


July 2004: Certification acquired
June 2018: Renewed with 2015 version


Oct 2021: Certification acquired

Quality and Environmental Policies

With the motto “Safety first with uncompromising commitment
to quality and eco-friendliness,” we provide products and
service that meet our customers’ expectations.

Quality and environmental policies:

  1. Build quality into the manufacturing process.
  2. Through constant efforts of the 5 S’s (Japanese housekeeping practice), economizing, and saving resources (the elimination of waste, unreasonableness, and inconsistency), we strive for the protection of the global environment.
  3. Information is shared with "quality of people" that keeps discipline and regulations and "quality of communication" that eliminates ambiguity, and "quality of work" with a sense of speed enhances "quality of the company" that is attractive to stakeholders.

April 1, 2020
Toray KP Films Inc.
President and Representative Director