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Expand display Ultra-narrow slits

We have slit technology for widths as small as 0.6 mm, for uses such as tapes for film Capacitors, electric cable sheathing and cable shields.

We also are capable of handling requests for longer applications. For record winding, this includes products 4 mm in width, and products with a large 400 mm diameter and 76 mm cores.

Depend on us for a clean manufacturing environment, sophisticated control of width accuracy, and advanced quality control.

We can handle more than 2 mm in width for the record winding and more than 0.6 mm in width for the traverse winding.

The introduction of the largest slit machinery in Toray KP Films’ history enables us to handle extremely wide, 1,600 mm film material (film roll), which is an unprecedented development.

Our capabilities enable us to handle up to one ton of original film material (film roll) one meter in diameter. We can provide both the slit and the corona at the same time in our clean environment. Here are our capabilities for the film dimension: Thickness, 12µ to 500µ; product film width, 50 mm to 1,600 mm.

We also have machinery one level down in size that can handle film up to 1,200 mm wide. It is capable of processing extremely thin film, and can easily provide even film of 1.2µ with slit and simultaneous both-side matte-finish treatment.

Expand display Traverse slits

We are capable of handling extremely narrow tape with a slit width of 0.6 mm or greater, and can deal with materials of all types in addition to PET, PPS, and PI.

Our exclusive programming control technology and physical control has allowed us to overcome deficiencies that were said to be unavoidable in conventional traverse winding (edge falling, reversal). The greatest traverse slit production technology ever developed will benefit all our customers.

We also have the capability of handling long non-jointed materials, long-jointed materials, and short-winding materials on request.

Our clean room features an air shower, a high-performance HEPA filter, and an inner dust-proof curtain made of a special material. It is operated at a particulate standard of Class 3000 or lower level. Operational maintenance after introduction into the clean room is very important.

We have more than 20 years of experience in operating clean rooms, and are capable of handling customer quality control requests for a wide range of industrial materials at a high level, including those for the optical field and for magnetic recording tape. Our sales performance over many years proves that we provide customers with a higher-level clean room management ability than the classification.