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Expand display Heat-resistant adhesive coats

We have created a wide range of special adhesive coatings, including heat-resistant ductile adhesives and ultra-high heat resistant, hardened adhesives. We offer many varieties, including polyesters, epoxies, two- and three-layer structures, two-sided surface coating, and those with or without color layers. We also can offer the optimum coatings, materials, and product compositions suited to the adhesion temperature, adhesion conditions, and temperature of use.

The conductive adhesive created by the technology for which was derived from the improvement and development of the adhesive for special electromagnetic wave shields has exceptional adhesive capabilities. Dispersion control of gold, silver, and other particles with a relatively high specific gravity was developed by our unique technology. It is used to form the contact resistance improvement layer by thin Vacuum Deposition or the conductivity layer by thick Vacuum Deposition on the base material (films or metal foil). Coating that with the conductive adhesive enables it to be used for the newest electromagnetic wave shields.

Expand display Halogen-free adhesive coats

We offer coating film by selecting environmentally-friendly adhesives, ink, and base materials with exceptional performance and using our superior coating technology that incorporates the environmental ISO 14001 standards. The film will have a lower impact on the environment over the course of its lifetime.

In addition to work involving dechlorination, debromination, deiodination, defluorination, and the removal of astatine, please consult with us about the removal of lead, cadmium, and other substances.

Expand display Rustproof coats

It is possible to apply an ultra-thin coating of rust-proofing agent that provides exceptional durability to metals (copper and silver) that corrode. It also minimizes the impact on electrical resistance. As a result, we have developed and realized a high-quality rust-proofing process as if coating was not made optically (glazing) or electrically (contact resistance).

This is being used for a wide range of materials of varying thicknesses, including those used for printed boards and for electromagnetic wave shields.

We’ve used our own technology (a special printing method) to develop and realize thick film coatings using coatings with even a low viscosity. It is also suitable for conventional thick film coating with high-viscosity coatings.

Additionally, the coating film thickness control can be applied even to the ordinary gravure coating level. With low-viscosity coatings, it is used for special electric cables, and with high-viscosity coatings, it is used as a peel-off adhesive for special masking tape. (Example of film thickness control: Capable of controlling coating thickness to 10µ±10%)